Bike touring along the South Coast



This Sunday, May 21st tour along waterfront, villages and backroads and stop along local creameries along the way. Be part of  the SouthCoast Bike and Ice Cream Extravaganza! A sold out fundraising event for a rail trail to Marion and preservation of the Hammond Quarry property- 53 acres of scenic woodlands on the west side of Mattapoisett Neck Rd.  Trust.  I will be participating in the 25 mile route and recruited a few friends to come along, although I must admit this will be my first ride of the season but definitely not my last!! I will be looking forward to the finish at Munro Preserve to the live music, free massage, a cold brew from Buzzards Bay Brewery, and a bite to eat from the Oxcart and Seaport Slip. Lets hope this beautiful weather holds up! Thanks in advance to all the volunteers, organizers and sponsors that make this a fun and safe family oriented event!! Tour de creme link for details of the event

Hope to see you at the post-ride party!  If you can’t make this event perhaps consider donating and go to the website for the different routes and get out and tour them this summer!! They have bike maps for 4 routes- 9 miler, 11 miler, 25 and for the ambitious a 50 mile route.  Happy cycling!





Beer Beyond Boston

What matters just as much as the beer selection of the bar you choose is the atmosphere.

There’s nothing worse than finally finding a place to grab a drink and expecting a cozy one on one setting and getting let down by the loud music. After my self-proclaimed bar crawl, I put together some quick details about noise levels, expectations, and vibes so you can find the bar that best suites you

The Inn on the Shipyard Park
13 Water Street, Mattapoisett, MA
(508) 758 – 4922 |

The Inn is a classic – a place that both locals and tourists love. If you’re looking for a place that you can take the family with a bar atmosphere, stop by the Inn. The Inn ropes off the bar section from the restaurant side although the food, warmth from the fire, and live music is easily shared on both sides. Another important factor to choosing the right bar – the noise level. At the Inn you don’t have to yell at the person across the table from you to pass the ketchup. The cozy vibe creates an intimidate soft atmosphere for all age groups to enjoy.


Rose Alley Ale House
94 Front Street, New Bedford, MA
(508) 858 – 5123 |

The first thing you’ll notice when you walk into the Rose Alley Ale House is the ceiling full of hanging glass mugs. These mugs belong to locals who have tried 28 different beers during the month of February – a beer for each day of the month. Unlike the Inn, the Rose Alley Ale House is more of a bar and less of a restaurant. Conversations can be heard around the bar, but not to the point where you can’t hear your own. One cool thing is that some of their beers are sold with a flight size glass option. At the Rose Alley Ale House you can feel comfortable going in alone to grab a beer and watch some TV or stop by  with a small group to try some local beers.

The Pour Farm Tavern
780 Purchase Street, New Bedford, MA
(508) 990 – 1123 |

A bar. The Pour Farm Tavern is a “I need to pull out my phone to see” dim lit bar – adding to it’s character. Hanging above their bar is had a ceiling full of mugs for locals that are apart of their beer club – similarly to the Rose Alley Ale House . With a sign to the left of the bar reading “PFT.. where you come in with good intentions.. And leave with none…” and a coffee machine to the right – this bar means business. The Pour Farm Tavern is that bar for long one on one conversations with your “BFF – Beer, Food, and Fun.”

The Greasy Luck
791 Purchase Street, New Bedford, MA
(774) 425 – 4600 |

Right across the street, but with a completely different vibe than the Pour Farm Tavern – the Greasy Luck is a busy and bustling restaurant. Although a brewery, the Greasy Luck is a also a full-functioning restaurant with a wide selection of food options. Unlike the Inn, you might have to yell to get some ketchup for your fries – it’s loud. The Greasy Luck was a nice ending to our self-proclaimed bar crawl with it’s perfect combination of food with a bar atmosphere.